We the women behind PYMWYMI, Elizabeth and Anna, have traveled extensively throughout Southern Italy and are excited to share our experiences with you!

Be it our trip planning service or guided tours, we've got you covered. 

What's more, you will know that your money will be spent at businesses that contribute to a sustainable and diverse economic future for the host community.

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Would you like to travel on your own but feel unsure of precisely where to go or how to arrange your visit? Would you rather someone else take care of that for you?

Through the itinerary planning service, you will benefit from our experience in and knowledge of Southern Italy, and have your visit customized specially for you! Take advantage of in-depth consultations, scheduling, and booking for transit, lodging, dining, and other activities.

Services cost $40/day for two people, and an additional $10/day per additional group member. If you're looking for help with just a few details, we additionally offer piecemeal bookings for large items priced at $25 (lodging, flights, day tours), or for smaller items such as restaurant reservations (complete with menu recommendations!) priced at $10. Choose from any of the destinations listed on our destinations page.



Prefer to travel accompanied by a person who knows the region, the language, and the customs? We are here to help you make sense of it all, step by step, by way of a tiny-group tour that is customizable to ensure that you experience all the classes, activities, and naps that you are yearning for.

Included are all meals, lodging, activities chosen for you, all transportation within the tour, and interpretive services. Not included in the cost are flights to and from the tour, and mandatory travel insurance.

Guided Tours typically cost $170-$220/day, with variations due to location and currency fluctuation. Would you like to travel with a smaller or larger budget than what is listed above? Just indicate so on the form above.